Evaluation of Deep Learning Methods in Twitter Statistics Emotion Evaluation

  • Kothakonda Vivek, Kumaraswamy Sakinaram


This looks at offers an evaluation of numerous approaches used for measuring emotions in Twitter statistics. Deep learning (DL) techniques in this area have gained traction among academics, who participate on an equal footing to solve a broad range of issues. Two groups of neural networks, CNNs are used to find images, and recurrent neural networks (RNNs), which could be applied in natural language processing (NLP) effectively. Explicitly two forms of neural networks are used for this reason. These photos are used to evaluate and compare CNN ensembles and variations and long-term memory (LSTM) RNN category networks. In addition, we equate the kind phrase embedding structures Word2Vec and the worldwide phrase representation vectors (Glove) with apparel. To test these techniques, we have used knowledge given by the Seminal (Seminal), one of the most well recognized foreign workshops on the web. Various experiments and combos are applied, and the better outcomes for each variant are correlated with their average efficiency. This research contributes to the field of sentiment analysis by evaluating the results, blessings and challenges of these approaches by means of an assessment approach utilizing an unmarried testing system for the same dataset and machine setting.