Emergence and Convergence of AI, Blockchain and IoT

  • Rutuja KOLHE, Anuya JOSHI, Prachi MATE, Deeksha GUPTA, Dr. Dipti PATIL


Technology has been growing at a fast pace since the last three decades and blockchain, artificial intelligence and the internet of things (IOT) are a result of this. Apart from making significant contributions individually, the amalgam of these technologies has led to a variety of high-level applications in several domains. Blockchain, AI, and IOT are revolutions providing remarkable benefits for pellucidity, stability, safety, confidentiality, and the automatisation of business procedures. Not one individual, nor all three is a silver bullet for exploiting data or data-driven parsimoniousness, but all are themes of thrilling hype and potential. This golden triad has a lot to serve if they are intertwined and interlinked together. They can be converged together for better future insinuations. . In this paper, we have highlighted how blockchain, IoT and AI work individually, in a pair and synchronously with each other in the healthcare and smart city domain.