Web Based Claim Processing System

  • Arjika Shit, Mohammad Shaikh Bilal N


The main focus of the analysis is to develop a record management system that's ready to offer access to anyone approved anytime, any position on any device. The system instigated makes use of considerable net technology to exchange desktop application with substantial net application. The system shares the advantage of each internet application and desktop application. internet primarily based Claims process System (WCPS) can sanction to enter new claim, track the claim standing and to preserve master data. The principal users of the project area unit worker of all divisions and worker of CPD – Claim process Divisions. internet primarily based Claims process System (WCPS) is absolute finish to finish mix to wrap all aspects of online claim, approval and recompense system. during this system, worker will register, enter new claim, the admin will approve/ reject claim. worker may read their claim standing on-line and every one claims is treated as unfinished, Approved and Rejected.