IoT Based Novel System for Drainage and Irrigation Water Management

  • Mr. Sachin Bhosale ,Dr. Santhosh kumar


The most significant and helpful technique for the management of waste water is to efficient reusing of it. This can be implemented by developing a system that reuses maximum of drainage water. For short and long term needs, it is important to stay away from the misuse of water. In some regions, percentage of rain is minimum, in such areas; reuse of sewage water is generally significant and helpful strategy. As per the quality of drainage water, this water can be utilized for the irrigation purpose with necessary water purification process. For salt sensitive crops it is not possible to reuse the drainage water, so it is necessary to purify and reuse this water. If this project is situated close to the wet-land then the drainage water can be reused efficiently for it. This research work presents a system to measure the water level of drainage/canal and pumps it to the necessary irrigation area. This systems consists of water level point contact sensor, solenoid valve, Wi-Fi module, Arudino microcontroller.