A Comparative Analysis of Denoising MRI Images using MRA Transforms

  • P.J. Mercy, Dr. Heren Chellam. G


A very challenging and important factor in biomedical images is the noise. Image Denoising
is a methodology used to remove the noises present in the images. There has been always a search for
efficient denoising methods in recent days. Different kinds of noises like Additive Gaussian Noise,
Impulse Noise, Random Noise and Poisson Noise may affect the medical images. In this proposed
method, a new adaptive threshold based Discrete Wavelet Transform is compared against the traditional
Discrete Wavelet, Contour let and Curve let transform for denoising images. Wavelets use a smaller
number of coefficient to represent an image and hence the processing time to denoise the image has
proved to be lesser than the other transforms. The evaluations o