• Muzammil Hussain et al.


Internet of things (IoT) is an inventive innovation subject to all sorts of nonexistent and science anecdotal arrangements. Dreams and hypotheses are as yet conceivable about it. An innovation joining genuine items and virtual life (Internet) is to be sure a rich pitch of imagination and unique thoughts.. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a developing worldview concentrating on the association of gadgets, articles, or "things" to one another, to the Internet, and to clients. IoT innovation is foreseen to turn into a basic prerequisite in the advancement of savvy homes, smart grid, smart health, and smart gadgets as it offers comfort and proficiency to home inhabitants with the goal that they can accomplish better personal satisfaction. Use of the IoT model to savvy homes, smart health, smart gadgets by interfacing items to the Internet, presents new security and protection challenges as far as the classification, genuineness, and honesty of the information detected, gathered, and traded by the IoT objects. These difficulties make shrewd homes, shrewd health, and shrewd gadgets amazingly powerless against various kinds of security assaults, coming about in IoT-based brilliant homes being shaky. Hence, it is important to distinguish the conceivable security dangers to build up a total image of the security status. The purpose of this study is to identify security threats in IOT layers and provides solutions for each layer.