A Novel of Cryptography Digital Images with the Wavelet Help of Multidimensional Chaotic Mapping

  • Mohammad Misagh Javaherian, Mansour Esmaeil Pour, Abbas Karimi, Faraneh Zarafshan


Today, security is one of the most important issues in countering the intrusion of illegal intruders on the privacy of individuals and valuable information of organizations. One of the most powerful tools in securing information and communication is cryptography. Regular or clutter-based encryption algorithms have many advantages over conventional encryption algorithms. Conventional encryption algorithms have many problems such as speed, high security, high cost and low security. In this dissertation, a new algorithm for Image encryption using chaotic mapping to protect the exchange of digital images has been proposed in an efficient and secure way. In this dissertation, the proposed design was measured by tests and comparisons, and according to the results obtained in tests and research, the mean values ​​for the square error coefficients and the average accuracy of the work were 33.6248 and 99.6472%, respectively. In addition, the preconditions for quality security and execution performed by scrambled squared values ​​(9.005955) and entropy (7.999275) have been proven..