Construct The Liner Material To Removal Of Pollutant Form Landfill Leachate

  • Pavithra M P, Dr. Harinath S, Ashwini K, Brahamanand Reddy


Leachate have a high impact on groundwater over a period of time. A potential liner is constructed so that there is less pollutants migrating into the groundwater. However the conventional synthetic liner may be a failure due to insufficient capacity of the materials used. In this paper, low cost liner materials like bentonite and zeolite are tested for the pollutant removal efficiency. Bentonite has a self – healing properties and low permeability. It can also be used as a absorbent and used in treatment plants. Zeolite is said to have an open frame structure where it can trap the heavy metals in them. The result show that there was certain removal of pollutants by using these two low cost materials efficiently and the permeability was also reduced using these materials.