Utilization Of Natural Red Earth And Bottom Ash As Liner Material For Removal Of Pollutant For Landfill Leachate.

  • Pavithra M P, Pushpa Lumina, Dr. Harinath S, Shruthi N


In India a large amount of solid waste is disposed. One of the method of disposal adapted in India is sanitary landfill. Landfill liners are constructed in the place before dumping the waste. A large amount of leachate is produced from the solid waste. Usually geosynthetic liners and clayey soils are used as materials for liners. In this study, low cost materials like natural red earth and bottom ash are used. Natural red earth is clayey type of soil that is abundantly available in the environment and very stable in all environmental conditions. Bottom fly ash is a by-product that is formed in coal induced power plant and other cement industries. It has the property to purify the pollutants and for the purpose of treatment. The pollutant removal efficiency using these materials is investigated in the temporary glass setup. Leachate quality was determined and heavy metal content, chemical oxygen demand (COD), organic matter, pH and other properties in the leachate sample is measured before and after treatment. The result showed that these materials were effective in pollutant removal.