Audit Quality, Job Stress and Ego Strength

  • Nasim Nasirpour, Dr Mohammad Mehdi Abbasian , Dr. Abbasali Pouraghajan


Ego functions include the relationship with reality, arranging and controlling instinctive forces, thematic relations, processing the thought, defensive performances and compound performances as well as judgment. This research aimed at investigating the relationship between audit quality and job stress as well as ego strength. This study was applied in terms of purpose and it was correlational in terms of data collection for a descriptive study. The current research had 3 main variables of audit quality (dependent), job stress and ego strength. The statistical population of this study included all 191 auditors of the Auditing Organization, and 208 external audit companies, which included at least 3 auditors in 2020; the overall statistical population included 815 individuals. The sample volume of the intended population included 261 individuals according to Cochran formula. Sampling was done using simple random method. The results indicated that job stress and ego strength could predict the audit quality.