Systematic review of alternative education for youth and adults

  • Josefina Amanda Suyo-Vega, Monica Elisa Meneses-La-Riva, Víctor Hugo Fernández-Bedoya


Basic education of young people and adults is a modality for those people who have never studied or have stopped studying for various factors, this modality stands out for the flexibility in the form of attention, and beginnings according to the context where it is developed, but they are seen as part of the excluded society. The objective of this research was to systematize the evidence in order to situate the type of research and make the appropriate choice according to the characteristics they present. For this purpose, a systematic review was carried out in the Scopus database at a Latin American level.  23,443 articles were analyzed from 2010 to 2020, then through combinations of the descriptors in both English and Spanish, using Boolean operators "and" and "or", exclusion and inclusion criteria such as geography, subject matter, access and restrictions were selected, which answered the research guide question What is the scientific evidence on youth and adult education? Identifying, approaches, objectives and conclusions, Concluding that scientific research coming from Latin America represents 0.05 % with respect to the other countries of the world, calling for reflection on the prevailing need to research on topics related to pedagogy (materials, instruments, strategies) and to publish the findings. The literature shows the unfairness of access in all areas.