Kmeans Clustering to Cluster the Clients into different Segments Based on Spending using Python

  • Dr.Imran Qureshi, Mr.Burhanuddin Mohammad, Mohammed Abdul Habeeb


In today’s world information is considered as vital source, may it be in banking sector, medical sector, retail sector, and many other. One challenge would be how do we get the required information from vast amount of data, sometimes referred as data tombs. The answer to this question is not easy. But as technology advanced, we have got opportunity to discuss regarding such type of real time problems such as information gathering from innumerous amount of data. Machine learning is a branch of science used to study of algorithms and statistical models that will perform a specific task. Machine learning is called as subset of artificial intelligence. Data Mining is a field of study within machine learning. Data mining is used for exploratory data analysis using unsupervised learning, it is also referred as predictive analysis [1].