A Smart Decentralised Framework To Track Patients Health Information Using Electronic Health Record With Block Chain Technology

  • Dr.R.Priscilla,Dr.S.Geetha


Cyber world with health care system gradually increased when compared with the last decades. A technology innovation on the health care system plays vital role in the medical industries. The patient’s details were manipulated in the cloud environment with various types of application which may leads to high risk in protecting the data from the hackers or the intruders. This paper proposed a decentralized framework which used to track and monitor the patient’s information in the medical industries using a electronic health record with new innovated block chain technology. This paper classified into two strategies, first consist of proposed a block chain technology with decentralized system to control the mechanism using smart contract with electronic health record. The second strategies with high security in the form hash value creation, privacy preserving and cryptocurrency with middleware. This paper provide an effective and efficient decentralized framework to track and secured the patients’ health record with block technology