Problems and Suggestions of Small Scale Industries in Salem District

  • S.R.Punitha, Dr. D.Rajakumari


The small scale industries play a very important role in the development of economy as well as of nation. The economic development of country is directly connected with the growth of industries because industries are the back bone of our nation. In the India the industries has shown creditable progress in term of output, employment, export etc, during the decade. Expansion of industry leads to a greater utilization of natural resources, creation of employment, production of goods and services, but there are certain problems have to face the small scale industries while competing with other large or medium industries. There are certain problems which are very common to all small scale industries. If these problems are solved by taking an effective steps or effort these challenges this sectors can it as a developing engine. There is certain measure to remove the difficulties of small scale industries government have a effective measure to remove the problem faced by industries.