Identifying and Prioritizing Factors Influencing Organizational Structure Designing in Rehabilitation Department

  • Bahram Jafari Morjani, Rahim Ostovar , Hassan Soltani, Hedieh Jafarpour


Background and Objective: Inappropriate organizational structure makes it difficult to achieve organizational goals and makes efficient and competent individuals disable and weak individuals. The main objective of this study is to identify and prioritize the factors influencing organizational structure designing of rehabilitation department.

Materials and Methods: In this study, a semi-structured interview with experts and professors led to the development of criteria of the research model. Based on previous interviews and previous studies, factors influencing organizational structure in internal and external categories were identified. These codes were evaluated and screened using the Delphi technique.

Results: Based on the data grounded model, causal and confounding conditions, contextual conditions, strategies, and outcomes were identified. Open coding was performed first and finally validated after three Delphi rounds.

Discussion and Conclusion: In this study, organizational factors, employees and supervision were identified as the main categories for improvement of organizational structure of rehabilitation department. Ethnicity-orientation, inappropriate structure of rehabilitation department, etc. were identified as contextual conditions, economic and political sanctions, lack of appropriate budget allocation, etc. were identified as confounding conditions, department chart review, specialization in selection and recruitment department, etc. were identified as competitive outcomes and strategies, and productivity outcomes and psychological outcomes were identified as outcomes.