Cost Effective Pyrheliometer for Solar Radiation Measurement

  • C.Pazhanimuthu, R.Jerine Victor, U.S.Sri Gowtham Priyan, M.Nithin, E.Vijay


 This paper aims to make a pyrheliometer calculating the amount of direct solar radiation from which the solar panels can achieve maximum efficiency. In terms of cost this paper overcomes the current pyranometer device by neglecting the different sensors. To calculate the amount of solar radiation, the proposed device incorporates an aluminium disc and a thermocouple. The thermocouple sensor produces a signal of voltage output which is proportional to the solar irradiance. The analogue thermocouple voltage is transformed to a digital signal by means of a 10-bit A / D high-end converter. Then, the thermocouple's electrical signal is amplified and measured as Watt / m2 over a monitor. This project also gets and stores the data through Arduino Atmega in real time. Thus, the amount of solar radiation in a given area can be determined by using the pyrheliometer and the solar panels can be properly positioned in that area for better performance. These types of meters are commonly used in meteorology, research into climate change, research into building engineering and much more.