Design of Autonomous E-Rationing System

  • Samyuktha R., Srinithi G.S., Renugasri G., Sumithra S. & Ms. Divya S.


RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) based innovation which is a creative methodology in PDS (Public Distribution System) is an economical, accurate and automated ration distribution technique. Public distribution system is often referred to as a distribution rationing scheme and is one of the commonly debated issues concerning malpractice. The current proportion dispersion framework has elevated level of defilement like erroneous estimation of merchandise, huge holding up time, and material burglary in apportion shop and manual dissemination isn't anything but difficult to deal with swarm. In this exploration paper, the proposed framework replaces the manual work in open appropriation framework. The planned framework's principle objective is to mechanize the proportion shop to give straightforwardness using RFID and GSM innovation like the ATM. This robotized apportion framework replaces the conventional proportion card framework with a RFID tag, the administration authority gives the microcontroller put away information base to the shopper. The shopper needs to examine the tag to the RFID per user, and afterward the microcontroller checks the data of the shopper with the put away information base to apportion the proportion shop content. Shopper needs to enter sort of material just as amount of material in the LCD display keypad after positive authorization. Materials will be dispensed based upon their requirements.