Effect of Memory Enhancing Strategies on Achievement in Science among High School Students of Coimbatore Educational District

  • Dr. K. Vijayarani


            The preset study aims studying the effect of memory enhancing strategies on achievement in science among the high school students. Memory plays an important role in every one’s life. Students life in the school age, the role of memory in learning is notable. Those students who face memory problems will prone to deficits in registering the information. Thus the study of memory becomes important and find out the various strategizes to enhance the memory of the students becomes essential. The present study was conducted among high school students. Experimental study was adopted. Samples were divided into two groups each consisting of 40 students. Achievement test tool constructed by the investigator was adopted to study the student’s memory in science in relation to the study habit. The study resulted that there is a significant difference exist between the pretest and posttest. The students do no differ significantly in the control group. There is a significant difference exist between the experimental and control group in their memory. The study habit of the students also differs significantly in their memory techniques when the learn 2 hours and more than 2 hours.