An Efficient Data Gathering Technique Using Ant colony optimization technique in WSN

  • C.Nandagopal et al.


For fastest way of communication we need very smart way of processing the information we handled in day to day life such as in industries, medical, armed fields and other such various fields in world. Thus the wireless sensor network done a very great jobs in handling data and along with many factors that slow down the processing such as smart way of using energy, time delays  etc . To make get rid all such main factors such as energy utilization (1) and to give a very quick path to communicate with other mobile node we made utilize the ant colony optimization algorithm. In ant colony based algorithm we can able to track or communicate the other node by using the selective group node approach which are able to communicate faster (13).  They will increase the energy utilization by decrease the node weight. Since the weight on the residual node is getting lower the energy utilize by each node is decreased thus they provide the better working duration (2) of the wireless sensor.  The result simulated will give the better comparison on existing algorithm.