Agricultural SAR Images Despeckling Using Non-Local Mean Filtering

  • Raj Shree et al.


Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) is an active radar imaging technique that captures the images with high resolution without getting affected in inclement climate condition. SAR has very higher resolution remote sensing images from terrain wider region. When SAR captures the agricultural images the granular pattern get inherited with the images is known as speckle-noise. The SAR inheritance characteristic is speckle-noise i.e. multiplicative in nature which leads to reduce the quality of captured agricultural SAR images. The backscattered waves from target surface experience impedance helpfully and unhelpfully which gives outcome in image with speckled. The mechanism for removing the speckle-noise is known as despeckling. The fundamental characteristics for despeckling method are to efficiently filter identical surface while preserving the fine details of images such as textures and edges. We have made very efficiently deep leaning about the Non-local mean filter despeckling technique that’s clearly represent the robustness and gives very precise results.