Improve Quality of Service Using Cluster Head Selection in Software Defined Wireless Sensor Network

  • Munaf Kapdi, Umesh Raut


Today, the commercial wireless sensor network (WSN) are increasingly evolving a wide range of applications with specific specifications, and offering the quality of service for this kind of communication system is unavoidable. The issues of poor adaptability and complexity in implementing the qquality based implementation and management within conventional system architecture are difficult to address. The wireless nature of contact makes the nodes vulnerable to attacks of a number of types, such as whole black attacks, wormhole attacks, denial of service attacks.  Now current effort, we aim to improve the quality. We have proposed two Cluster Head (CH) selection algorithm based on the available trust and energy avoids the energy hole phenomenon and reduces the workload of a single cluster head. The unified routing algorithm builds two heterogeneous node forwarding paths that satisfy the requirements for different data rates. Local network maintenance decreases the number of network access notifications. The simulation results show that the quality support for data can provide different requirements, balance the network energy consumption and extend the lifetime of the network.