Healthcare Data Security on Cloud Computing During COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Rajesh Yadav, Dr. Anand Sharma


The development of IT and its formation as an almost pervasive phase of our lives has been one of the important phases of the technology revolution. Now IT is energetic and it’s helped in economic and social development of the country. The healthcare industry also improved the services using the information technology. Now information technology is having an important part of healthcare sector. Uses of cloud give a gear in healthcare industry. In COVID-19 pandemic many health organizations has switch on cloud or plan to switch earliest. These crises totally change the medical industry frameworks. In this industry most of areas the e-health concept take place. With increases of cloud in this field also gives invitations to cyber-criminal. It’s open a wide opportunity for cyber-crime. They take advantages of unawareness and not more knowledge by health providers. In this paper discuss about the applications which use for treatment and care of patients and also manages the health industry data. Also there discuss about threats which affect the health organizations data and its breaches. And in the last suggest some solutions and suggestions for healthcare organizations to improve the cloud security.