Improve Transportation System to Reduce Stress and to Develop the Nation

  • Dr. S. Sasi Kumar, Sajan M. George


Transporting system of any nation is a key player for the development of that nation. The more it is taken care better will be the developmental possibilities of that nation. As far as Indian transporting system is concerned, it has not been able to keep up with the fast development of the nation and the demands that it brings along with it. It seems to be still in a limping stage. So it is a felt need to improve the transporting system of the country in order to get the commuters back to the public transporting system and to bring back the nation’s progress on track. When the system turns out to be efficient and effective commuters and transporters will find other alternatives less attractive and will be more prone to use the common ones. So the author, after having understood what is transport system, stress and how they are inter-connected, makes an effort to see the stressors in transport system along with the possible solution that can better the use of transporting system of the country in general and in particular the growth of the nation. Some of such factors analyzed are irregularity in public transport, poor ticketing system, poor wellbeing of the passengers and the environmental factors. Then the author goes on to state some more possible solutions to improve transportation like use more often two wheelers, get transit app., use diversity of transportation facilities, create general awareness about traffic rules, no drive day, minimize the number of vehicles, don’t own, partnership with transporters, divide highways, parking to be charged, comfort level and be good advertisement. When the system is in good shape, users are expected to be happy to use them and the more the usage better the income for the betterment of the nation.