Health-IOT Platform That Integrates Unobtrusive Bio Sensor and Smart Medication Box for Elderly People

  • Dr. Velmurugan R., Ayshwarya B.


            Health care challenges are steadily growing with the increase in the chronic diseases and ageing population. Quality health services are high in demand which necessitate to refine capabilities of hospitals and medical service providers with the intention of improving patient outcomes. These challenges have paved for integrating advanced technology like Internet of Things (IoT) in healthcare services. IoT in healthcare may greatly benefits ageing people who are not able to take care by themselves and needs a stable support, constant supervision and regular care. As a service to the ageing people in this paper we proposed a Health-IoT Platform that Integrates Smart Packaging, Unobtrusive Bio-Sensor and Smart Medication Box for Assessment of Adherence to Medication in the Elderly People. The proposed system consists of an IoT enabled medicine box which gives timely messages for the patients about their medication time. It alerts the patients to take medicines at the proper time by intimating an alert to their hand-held devices. The medicine details can be recorded in the mobile application by the patient himself or by the caretaker of the patient. The system helps to realm track of medicine intake, the stock of medicine and so on. As an outcome, patients are able to take their medicine on time, which help to monitor the time pattern to take the pills.