Analysis and preparation of DEM by using GIS software and designing of physical model- case study: Temghar dam

  • Diksha C. UKey ,Samit H. Patil , Sahil S. Tele , Omkar R. Phalle ,Ankush A. Kohale


 The water in our bodies is essential for our life. Without water, we can’t survive. Water is limited vital natural resources, which is indispensable for the expanse of all living matters, plant, animal and man. But excessive water leads to flood which further cause to damage and destruction in Natural resources, Human resources, infrastructures, agricultural land and disturbance to ecosystem as well as backing to age of the region. Floods are one of the most widely distributed hazards around the world and their management is an important issue of concern. As there are severe floods throughout India in the monsoon season, it’s very difficult to divert the water or reduce its intensity as of now. The aim of the project is to mitigate the floods and reduce its intensity thus reducing the further damage. It also protects the dam from overflowing where only spillway can’t help much under high speed of the water. Emergency stepped spillway can be used in every dam so that the discharge in case of any emergency does not affect the downstream areas. It’s a modern and simple solution for flood control. It should be considered as a permanent and essential component of dam and its design. The Digital Elevation Model(DEM) of Temghar dam (which is located about 40km from Pune district)  is developed with help of GIS. And the data required to construct the DEM got using  remote sensing. With the help of GIS analysis of Temghar dam is done to fulfil the desired goals.