Using Visual Aids And It In Teaching English

  • Mamadaliyeva Burayma Sabitaliyevna, Ismanova Klara Dulanbayevna,


This article is devoted to the using of visual aids and IT in teaching process. We know, there a lot of visual aids and IT in teaching  foreign  language: pictures, graphic  organizers, presentations, charts. The importance of visual material and IT in the process of language acquisition was researched by scholars belonging to the Cognitive approach. Some of the theories that these scholars have developed are related to the importance of the input, dual-coding theory and image schema theory, which are deeply linked with the visual and experimental relationship of the human being with the world.

Visual aids and IT help teacher’s presentations and objectives by placing emphasis on what on whatever is being thought. Clear visual aids and IT multiply learners level of understanding of the material presented, and they can send clear messages and clarify points from teachers.