Increasing The Income Of The Population Is An Opportunity To Reduce Poverty

  • Ganiev Muhammadjon Xalilovich


This article describes the structure of the population's income, income generation, income purchasing power, income variability and poverty problems on the basis of statistics. The poverty situation of the population in Uzbekistan, which has been poorly studied for many years, has been analyzed in terms of income. The state's social policy emphasizes that poverty reduction from 2020 is an important task. It was suggested that it is necessary to set a national poverty line and develop a clear program to reduce poverty, taking into account the world experience in determining the level of poverty in the country. Simply put, who is included or excluded from the poor category, the mechanisms of social protection are not clearly defined. The article examines poverty and income of the population by statistics in the regions of the republic, identifies and analyzes the problems.

By regions, income levels and inflation rates are grouped. The authors provided suggestions and feedback on ways to increase income and reduce poverty.