Effective Routing Using Q-Learning Algorithm In Vehicular Adhoc Network(Vanet)

  • M.Saravanan, S. Kiruthika, E. JerinAbisha, D. Manimekalai


       The scenario in today's world has changed from wired networks to wireless networks. With the advancement within the automobile system, the vehicles are getting automated. VANET is the emerging wireless networking technology. The automobiles are furnished with sensors to detect the obstacles and messages that have been sent by another automobile, on-board units with conveyance capabilities. This is considered because the distinct sort of MANET, holds the chance to form the people's critical decisions like life or death situation and helping the drivers, and people about road safety and important conditions. It follows various protocols to exchange the data between the vehicles However, since the vehicles are in ceaseless development, remote qualities, and furthermore the lossy attributes of the channel, the dependable multi-node conveyance in VANET is particularly testing. Here, we have thought of the DSR convention methodology alongside Q-Learning which is one of the Reinforcement Learning philosophy to productively transmit the messages and inspecting execution by considering different measures like no of parcels conveyed (PDR), No of messages that are dropped(Message Drop Ratio) and utilization of vitality by the automobiles.