A Survey on Secured Authentication Schemes over IoT Devices

  • Krishna Priya Gurumanapalli , M. Nagendra


Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of universal things such as physical objects, machines, people and other devices that enable connectivity and communications to exchange data for intelligent applications and services. The hardware of IoT is susceptible to the security threats from various malicious users. Since, the IoT affected due to the inherent mobility of the embedded devices. The reliability and security of IoT during data transmission is achieved by securing the hardware architecture of the IoT devices. There are two different security mechanisms such as light weight cryptography algorithms and two factor authentication scheme used to secure the IoT. In this paper, the important definition about the internet of things is described with its possible secure mechanisms used to secure the data transmission. This paper evaluates the existing methods that used to secure the IoT with its limitations. The execution time is considered as key parameter for defining the effectiveness of authentication methods used in the IoT. This comprehensive research helps the researchers for achieving the better solution for the current concerns faced in authentication methods in the IoT.