Automatic Mechanical Embedded based Remote Controlled Seed Sowing System for Agriculture

  • Mounika CH ,M.Ganesh Kumar, Mekala Navya,monika B.04, Vinay s.v, NatarajUrs H D


The foundation of the Indian economy is agribusiness. Of the all-out populace in our nation which has picked farming as their central occupation is over 60% as indicated by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization). Sowing arable land with traditional farming methods are clumsy ways, as it produces less yield, so automation is required in the field of cultivation. The seed sowing robot is intended to limit the work of ranchers, for example, furrowing the arable land, and spreading the seed. The robot is self-sufficient and is remote controlled. The undertaking comprises of a superior structure of a machine for spreading groundnut, soya bean, Bengal gram, maize and so forth. This paper is for the most part worried about the computerization of an incomplete procedure engaged with the horticulture utilizing programmed robot framework for developing the land.