AI Based Smart Information System to Forecast Passenger Flow using Video Surveillance for Intelligence Transport System

  • Vishnu Kumar Kaliappan, Anish Christober B, Aravinth T, Ashwin Kumar J , Dhivakar S


The Intelligent Transport System (ITS) being a popular platform of research, dealt with enormous technologies to standardize the public transportation system. To deliver an adequate transport facility to the public, it is highly important to gather information on crowd density in a public transport medium to the commuters of every region. India being more populous needless to say, it drags the attention of people to increase private transportation rather than a public one, which then increases global warming and traffic congestion. The paper presents taxonomy of image processing techniques to gather crowd density information and to provide commuters a suggestion on availability of seats in a bus using Artificial Intelligence(AI)  based Smart Information System, which then saves time, avoid catching crowded bus and to standardize public transportation system which has practical significance. Finally, the open challenges are identified and outlined which are promising research directions for ITS.