Design of Tri-band MIMO Antenna for wireless Applications to reduce mutual coupling

  • K.V. Babu, M.S.Rao, N. Sivaiah and K. Sandhya Rani


A compact tri-band MIMO multiple rectangular slots antenna is designed with a 40 mm × 20 mm area of defected ground structure. Due to the DGS structure, there is an improvement in the mutual coupling and also improve the bandwidth impedance. The design structure covered the applications of C-band, Wi-Fi and WiMAX with return loss maintained ≤ -10 dB as well as its mutual coupling ≤ -20 dB thought the tri-band resonant frequencies. The VSWR of the tri-band structure maintained ≤ 2 thought the resonant structure. For this structure MIMO parameters like ECC, group delay, directivity, efficiency, and diversity gain also obtained with in the acceptable values of the MIMO design.