Modeling of Smart Electric Vehicle Charging Hub

  • Narendra Kumar Ch., Golla Venkata Siva Kumar, Chintakunta Pavan Kumar Reddy, Shiva Prasad Howji, Gongati Venkata Surendra Reddy, Mangi Sravan Kumar


An electrical vehicle charging hub is a charging power gracefully for electrical vehicles. This paper proposes the structure model for a PV based mechanical electrical vehicle which goes about as a wellspring of electric source to charge Electric vehicles (EV). EVs are viewed as the upcoming methods of transportation by 2030. The key drivers for EVs are their high effectiveness and zero carbon discharges. However, EVs are just reasonable if the power used to charge them originates from inexhaustible sources and not from petroleum product based force plants. It is here that the UV light based charging of EV has picked up enthusiasm for late occasions, as it gives a suitable strategy to charge EVs. The objective of this task is to "Develop a profoundly proficient, automated EV charging station which empowers brilliant charging framework for electric vehicles at working environments that is fueled by Solar Energy".