Cost Benefit Analysis of VVIT Campus Energy Using Python

  • Prattipati Nagarjuna, Akula Venkata Naresh Babu , M Rama Mohan Rao, M.MD.Ilyas


The renewable energy sources take part significant role in electricity generation. The rooftop solar system is installed by domestic, industrial and commercial consumers because of its advantages. In this paper, an economic analysis has been carried out to study the financial parameters by considering different blocks realistic load of the VVIT campus. The analysis helps the consumer for effective utilization of energy resources, the opportunities for energy saving with energy efficient equipment's and to reduce the electricity tariff. A Python program has been developed for rooftop solar mathematical model to determine the different parameters for analysis like the energy consumption of different blocks with and without solar, cost benefit, payback period and reduction in CO2 emissions which enables the consumers to switching from conventional energy system to rooftop solar system.