Analysis of level shifted carrier PWM methods for 25- level Cascaded H Bridge Inverter in Matlab/Simulink

  • Ravindra Sangu, A.Naveen Reddy, T.Swamy Das , K.Manoz kumar reddy


The solar energy is replacing all other conventional energy sources because of environmental concerns and depletion of coal. But tapping of solar energy and converting it into required form that is alternating nature includes some bottlenecks. The multi-level inverters are taking lead role in converting DC in to AC. Out of these MLI’s, Cascaded H-bridge MLI is very much suitable for solar energy applications. This paper includes the survey of different PWM methods and presents Simulink results of the Cascaded H-bridge MLI for several levels multiple carrier based PWM techniques. These days MLIs are in the limelight due to their advantages like handling high voltages and currents, dealing with higher switching frequencies and producing lower THDs. So in this paper the authors tried their best to prove these advantages with Simulink results.