Performance analysis of UPQC in alleviation of voltage and current related distortions

  • KNV Sai Tejaswi, K V Kumar Kavuturu, K Baby Shamili, I Revathi


In recent days, most of the equipment is based on power electronics and often leads to power quality problems. Conventional equipments for power quality enhancement are not sufficient to meet the increasing applications and so it is very essential to develop a unique solution for majority of power quality issues. Hence, to mitigate both voltage imperfections and load current abnormalities one of the custom power quality device named as unified power quality conditioner (UPQC) is employed. It comprises the arrangement of both series and shunt voltage source converters associated with a typical dc interface capacitor. This paper presents the simulation of UPQC through synchronous reference theory for the converters control. The simulation case studies are carried out with the help of MATLAB software and the results are described under distorted source conditions, voltage sag and swells conditions.