Perception of Teachers for Professional Empowerment Through Online Sessions: A Survey Study-Covid-19

  • Dr. Sonia Sharma


Covid-19 has shut everyone in home from the last three to four months, people from all over the world have been locked down at their home. Educational institutions and many other domains have been physical isolated form each other’s. Face to face interactions have been become very rare now-a-days. A teacher who is always known for her all-time learning nature, how can he/she have stopped him/herself from learning or updating professional skills during this lock down. Globally, all of us are facing this problem of COVID-19, and there is no doubt it will take a long time to follow the normal life as we enjoyed during the pre-COVID 19 phase. During this COVID-19 phase different educational organization are working very hard to update professional skills of teachers and research scholar in a very fruitful way. So that everyone can utilize this time in a judicial manner. There are number of online platforms which are working on it. Keeping the present situation in mind an online survey in the form of questionnaire created on google form was circulated among participants through email, WhatsApp, telegram group. The result revealed that people have positive perception regarding the attending of such online platform to update their professional skills.