Speaking Microcontroller for Deaf and Dumb People

  • Prof. K. V. Deshpande, Shreya Devkate, Mrunal Gondhale, Snehal Kudale, Gunwanti Gawade


India is an agricultural country where farmer faces a lot of problems. Farmer suffers major losses every year due to crop infestation with pests and this in turn affects his lifestyle. Soil Nutrient uptake is also an important aspect in the calculation of soil quality, as it indicates how much it can sustain plant life. Soil nutrient uptake is determined by the quantity of water ph of macro and micro nutrients, etc. The oldest method of inspection the soil parameters was time intensive in which the farmers used to verify and calculate the results manually. In order to resolve the above issue, it is important to establish a system that monitors the farm continuously and detects the disease as quickly as possible. And also this system allows the. user to detect soil parameters which will predict crop suitable for that soil. In this paper we gave brief idea by continuously monitoring crops using Image Processing to solve this problem. This system is used to detect diseases and spray disease pesticides in adequate quantities when appropriate, and also detect soil fertility.