Airport Security Using Face-Recognition

  • Prof. Rupali T. Umbare, Ms. Janhavi S. Takalgavankar, Ms. Harshada S. Yadav, Ms.Pruthvi A. Tilekar


 Travellers need to carry passport, authenticated government proofs, and ticket whenever they travel through the plane. Also, there are plenty of cases of traveller’s committing serious offenses and bankruptcy and later getting away by flying to other countries easily without any restrictions. our project focuses on the issue and has come up with a surveillance system that uses a camera for detecting the face and then images processing is used to identify whether the traveller is an authenticated passport holder or not. It also enables paperless traveling as our project uses a digital mode of operation. along with paperless traveling, surveillance is also performed by the system it will fetch the crime records and bank details of the person which helps us to know whether the person is prohibited to travel abroad or not.