Health Diagobot: A Medical Chatbot For Diagnosing Disease And Prescribing Medicines.

  • Shilpa Sahane, Praful Mote, Siddhesh Taras, Sayali Shirbahadurkar, Prof. J. P. Kshirsagar


The paper presents a medical ChatBot. This ChatBot is design for conversational purpose which will be use to give prescription, suggestion for basic medical aid for the patients. For a little complications’ patient need to directly consult with doctor due to hectic schedules. So Medical ChatBot is a great solution to them. A medical ChatBot acts as a medical consultancy. The bot will diagnosis the disease by the inputted symptoms of the patients and suggest them with the general prevention for it. The Medical ChatBot operates with the help of natural language processing which will help the users to give in their symptoms of the disease faced. Through this ChatBot user can directly ask inquiry about personal health problem and get the medical consultancy without physically going to hospital. The ChatBot gets inquiry and send the related result to user or first necessary preventive measure.