• Vipul Ghare, Saish Karne, Soham Desai , Dr Makrand Shahade


In this project, System mainly focuses on traffic police management for no need to carry the document of vehicles. Here, System Use QR code technique for the documentary purpose. In this system, the main actor is retailer, traffic police, department police. Through this actor our system become very helpful to user also and government also. Now a day’s Vehicle security is an important issue in our society. for improving methods of vehicle security in public and private places. When the license plate number is missing or unknown then how to find the vehicle information is really a big challenge. A QR code-based system that will help in identifying the vehicle in public or private places like Traffic signal and Society, buildings, parking respectively is been proposed to overcome the above issue. This quick and robust system will propose to detect and describe features of a vehicle image, specifically in an android application using QR code mounted on vehicles. After description of QR code it fires the query on database for searching information in the database. Real time android applications are the real challenges for this system. Hence, by this for tracking vehicle and tracing it is going to become comparatively easy task for the people who may or may not be technically competent.