Remote Control Dynamic Bot

  • Prof. S. P. Pattanaik ,Tabassum Patel, Neha Shelhalkar, Vaishnavi Sonar, Simran Shaikh


The Internet of Things is nothing but concept which says that connect whichever device to internet. It also connects the other available connected devices. In a nutshell it is a kind of Network consists of physical things embedded into software, sensor, electronics, and a network connectivity that allows these things to transfer, exchange, gather the data. Such devices usually work to gather the necessary data and flow between many other devices. The implementation of a private virtual assistant which might take the human voice commands to perform tasks that otherwise would want the dependence on others. It allows user to understand the weather outlook report, observe the fireplace and also the smoke within the area, victimization Speech to Text Engine, Text to speech Engine and electro-acoustic transducer for the input and speakers for the output. It conjointly calculates the wet and temperature victimization totally different sensors.