Faulty Drowsy Driving Detection System

  • Dhanraj S. Jadhav, Prachi Lotake, Renuka Koli, Nutan Budhner , Gauri Mohite, Onkar Bhope


Drowsy Driver Detection System has been developed, employing a Non-Intrusive machine vision based ideas. The system uses a touch monochrome security camera that points directly towards the driver’s face and monitors the driver’s eyes so on observe fatigue. In such a case once fatigue is detected, an alert is issued to alert the driving force. This report describes the thanks to realize the eyes, and conjointly the thanks to verify if the eyes area unit open or closed. The algorithm developed is exclusive to any presently revealed papers that was a primary objective of the project. The system deals with victimization data obtained for the binary version of the image to look out the edges of the face that narrows the realm of wherever the eyes could exist. Once the face space is found, the eyes area unit found by computing the horizontal averages within the space. Taking into consideration the info that eye regions within the face gift nice intensity changes, the eyes area unit placed by finding the various intensity changes within the face. Once the eyes area unit placed, measure the distances between the intensity changes within the attention space verify whether or not the eyes square measure open or closed. an oversized distance corresponds to eye closure. If the eyes square measure found closed for five consecutive frames, the system attracts the conclusion that the motive force is falling asleep and problems a alert. The system is additionally able to observe once the eyes cannot be found, and works below affordable lighting conditions. Here we also track user live location if any emergency arrives then system automatically send location to nearest hospital, police station as well its family members. After that we also detect user are drunk or not by using alcohol detecting sensors. Here we can say that our system is more efficient that existing systems.