Alcohol Detection System using Smart Cab Application

  • Dhanraj S. Jadhav, Piyush Malu, Suraj Mali, Nihal Mangalwadekar, Akshay Patil


We see many incidents that caused accident due to drivers’ cell phone usage while driving. There are many systems in the market that detect the cellphone usage of human intervention. It is not possible not to let drivers use their cellphones. There are many solutions to the problem which is dependent on user’s instructed input. User tend to give only rating to the cab driver, he can’t do anything while he’s having a ride. In this paper, we propose a system which is can recognize smart phone usage without using any hardware other than smartphone. The concept of the system is if any driver is texting or using his smartphone recursively, the smartphone integrated sensors (such as GPS, gyroscope and accelerometer) detect surrounding like touch strokes, the position of holding phone and speed of the vehicle. The readings will be observed to detect if there are recorded touch strokes on smartphone. There are many experiments performed under various person and various driving scenarios. The outcome of the experiments were pretty promising. The experiments showed that the technique is able to get better detection accuracy with low false positive rate. The system is totally free of infrastructure and conduct high accuracy, moreover the content of the smartphone usage have no access allowed and therefore it is also privacy preserving.