Securing Data on Cloud Using Image Steganography and Cryptography

  • Kiran D. Yesugade, Isha R. Sangrolkar, Gayatri P. Patil, Pooja A. Kashid


   Cryptography and steganography can be used to provide data security, but if used solely, each of them has a problem. In Cryptography the cipher text is in unreadable form. Hence, attacker might suspect the encrypted data and can read the data by decrypting it. In Steganography, once the presence of the hidden data is suspected, the data can be revealed, and the hidden data can be read. In our proposed methodology, a more secure version of Image steganography is given which provides an extra security and makes it harder to uncover the hidden message by steganalysis. Firstly, the message to be hidden will be encrypted using AES algorithm followed by the proposed image steganography method. The proposed image steganography method will convert the cover image into grids, swap these grids and embed the encrypted message into the swapped gridded image using LSB technique.