Time Series Approach for Trade Market Prediction

  • Ms. Savani Kadam, Dr. S. V. Kedar


Stock market and the changes in price of money dependent on progress of the country has always been a probability of rise and falls which not predicted by humans with great accuracy. This needs a solution so as the risks of investing into stocks can be reduced by the user. In time along with moving technology and increase of artificial intelligence in day to day life, we have proposed a whole system for prediction of stocks prices for a user based on the news and tweets tweeted on the twitter platform. The increasing use of social network has let the world receive updates about a stock or a company in every minutes of refresh. These updates from a trusted user will be matched and hence will be further segregated via sentiment analysis of data. Further study will be done using a research-based system consisting of algorithmic approach for updated technology which is Time Series Forecasting. Auto Regressive Integrate Moving Average i.e. ARIMA model from Time Series Forecasting will be implemented ARIMA works progressively artful in prediction problem in terms of value bind to time. In this paper, Time Series will work for trade market prediction on the basis of value of stocks on each date of last 10 years of various stocks and companies. Also, the trusted user tweets will be picked up and will predict the increase or decrease in the rates of stocks in upcoming future.