Evaluating The Strength And Deformation Characteristics Of A Reinforced Geotextile Bag Layer On Soft Soil.

  • P Shivananda , Vinay B K


Geotextiles have been successfully used for reinforcement to improve the strength of soft soil. In this paper the one layer of geotextile bags(filled with soft soil)  are used to improve stength of soft clay soils. Laboratory load deformation tests were performed to investigate the Stress-Strain behaviour of unreinforced and one layer geotextile bags on  soft clay soils. In this studies one layer of geotextile bags are placed at top 1/5th height within soil sample. As soft clay soil used having only cohesion (Ø=0) the increase to pseudo-confining effect is due binding force by cohesion property of soil and geotextile bags that increased the Strength. To further increase strength of reinforced system of soft soil by increasing pseudo-confining effect, 1/5th layer is provided with non plastic sand layer (Ø soil) with and without geotextile bags layers. The result of these tests shows that, strength of  reinforced soft soils increases as pseudo-confining effect increases.