An Experimental Study on Strength Enhancement of Locally Available Soil Using Terrazyme

  • Nandini D.N, Thilak Gowda,Y Ramalinga Reddy


This paper presents a work carried out for improving the strength characteristics of the sub grade soil. Most of the areas in Bangalore are found with Red soil and some Weak soil. The location of soil is chosen for this experiment is Kattigenahalli (Yelahanka). If the locally available soil could not be used for foundation work of roads due to low volume of its capacity, hence alternative techniques were developed for the use of conventional materials for different layers or stabilization method is applied. The main aim of this study is to effectively stabilize the soil by using Terrazyme. Enzymes are extracts from vegetables and which posses high value of strength when mixed with soil. Hence the soil is treated with different dosages of Terrazyme 200ml/3m3, 200ml/2.5m3 and 200ml/2m3 of soil. The treated soil is conducted with UCS test for 0, 7, 15, and 30 days of curing at OMC, at dry side of OMC and at Wet side of OMC.From the obtained UCS results the optimum content of additive dosage is determined for all the three conditions of OMC. It is noted that the values of Compressive strength of treated soil is effectively increased for all dosages when compared with normal untreated soil.