Analysis of Waste Management Process Followed by BBMP need to Encourage Segregation Using Technology

  • Ajaybhaskar Reddy, Karthik B, Kavya Sasi, Hithesh D Shettigar


With the growth in population, the management of solid wastes is one of the primary concerns that is faced by the Government. The huge amount of solid waste that are generated need to be transported and disposed of properly. Numerous problems are rising constantly due to improper disposal of these wastes. This paper talks about the analysis of the process undertaken by the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) in waste management. A general survey was conducted in parts of the Jakkur ward in Bengaluru to analyze the processes carried out by BBMP on a day to day basis to manage waste. A questionnaire was prepared for both citizens as well as the BBMP workers. A survey was done for 545 houses and the difficulties and problems in the existing system were compiled. Observations were made on the conditions of the transfer station and disposal site. Findings and studies have shown that one of the vital problems is the segregation of waste at source. With the recent technological advancements, we are convinced that this problem can be tackled using a mobile application that encourages segregation at the source. The method used to do is by incentivizing the citizens based on the amount of segregated waste being dumped. The citizens will be credited based on the type and amount of disposed waste as each waste material will be assigned their respective fixed value. With this app, Remote monitoring of disposal trucks and the amount of waste dumped on a daily basis with real-time data is possible.