Secured Intelligent Locker System Using Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Vishnu Kumar Kaliappan , C. Madhan Kumar , NL. Mohanraj, M. Pravin


Remote Sensor Networks have restricted assets with conventional information gathering methods. One of the impediments of remote sensor hubs is its natural constrained vitality asset. In this way, planning a viable remote sensor system to augmenting the lifetime of sensor hub so as to limit support and amplify in general framework execution gets significant. In this article, we have sketched out the configuration factors and difficulties in sensor systems. In this paper, we propose a versatile way to protect a valuable locker with help of wireless sensor network. Thus, the arrange expends less vitality and expands the lifetime of the system. WSNs have small sources with existing data collecting techniques. With that we’re going to design a safe locker with sensors to report that to the headquarters. One of the demerits of wireless sensor nodes is it can’t take energy from limited energy resources. So, a low maintenance and highly effective with low consumption of power kind of sensors should be introduced. Here, we figured out the challenges and working conditions. In this paper we use some of basic sensors to detect our environment, and then we transfer those data to the cloud. The notable sensors are ultra-sonic sensor, proximity sensor, IR sensor and temperature sensor to detect the surroundings and also the places where human’s hands cannot go.